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"Unacceptable Behaviour at National Masters Indoor Championships 2020.

The IMAA committee have been made aware of a video taken during a women’s field event at the National Masters Indoors which was  posted on Irish social media during which offensive remarks are audibly directed towards a competing athlete.​

As a result IMAA subsequently received a formal complaint from the offended athlete and this complaint implies that a member of this committee was involved with these offensive comments. There were two members of this committee present taking part in the field event in question and neither of them heard the derogatory comments being made during the competition. While it is difficult to hear precisely what is being said and by whom due to extensive background noise and several voices going on simultaneously nevertheless both committee members, on hearing the video were shocked by the general nature and tone of the abusive remarks.​

The IMAA committee absolutely condemn the use of such offensive and abusive language by any athlete or others towards any competing athlete. All athletes when competing are entitled to be treated with the greatest respect at all times and should be encouraged rather than subjected to abuse.​

We would also remind all athletes that engaging in conduct likely to bring the sport into disrepute can result in them being subjected to disciplinary procedures.​

Sean McMullin ​

President IMAA”​

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