Athlete factsheet to the 2015 Code


From 1 January 2015 there will be a revised World Anti-Doping Code (2015 Code). This factsheet summarises the important changes in the 2015 Code that as an athlete you need to make sure you are fully aware of.

The Code is the internationally agreed set of anti-doping rules that apply to all athletes, in all countries that are Signatories to the Code. The World Anti- Doping Agency, National Anti- Doping Organisations and International Sports federations implement anti-doping programmes to protect the integrity sport and clean athletes.


What’s changing?

The following sections provide a summary of the key changes that could impact on you:

Strict Liability

You are solely responsible for any banned substance you use, attempt to use, or is found in your system regardless of how it got there and whether there was an intention to cheat or not.


 The minimum sanction for intentional cheating is now 4 years for the first offence

 To get any reduction in sanction from 2 years, athletes must have substantial proof that they were not at fault or intending to cheat




Contaminated Products


The issue of contaminated products has been acknowledged. If an athlete can establish no significant fault or negligence then the sanction can range from a reprimand to a maximum of 2 years.

Managing the Risks of Supplements

  •   You MUST undertake thorough internet research of any supplement products before it is


  •   This search should include the name of the product and the ingredients/substances listed.

  •   Information revealed as a result should be further investigated and we advise athletes to keep evidence of their research

    Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs)

    There are now 10 ADRVs (previously there were 8). The new ADRVs are:

  •   Complicity: e.g. helping to cover up an ADRV or avoid detection

  •   Prohibited Association: e.g. working with a person such as a coach, doctor, physio or agent who is currently serving a ban or has been convicted in criminal or disciplinary proceedings that would constitute doping

    Prohibited Association

    Before any athlete can be found to have broken this specific ADRV, they will be notified in writing by the Irish Sports Council in writing or their NGB to explain that the individual is currently ‘disqualified’ Post-notification, if an athlete refuses to stop the association then they may be charged with committing an ADRV






If you are currently part of a Registered Testing Pool your responsibility to provide and update your Whereabouts remains the same.

Whereabouts Failures

  •   From 1 January 2015, if you receive 3 whereabouts failures (missed tests and/or filing failures) within a 12-month period you will receive a 2-year ban. It was previously 18 months.

  •   Any current Whereabouts strikes remain valid when the 2015 Code comes into effect.

  •   Important: Athletes charged with a Whereabouts violation will not be considered for a reduction in their ban if they have a pattern of last minute Whereabouts updates.

  •   The 60 minute time slot from 1st of January 2015 can be from 5am to 11pm.

    Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE)

  • If you are an International athlete (as defined by your International Federation) and you require a TUE then you must apply to your International Federation. If you compete at National level then apply to the Irish Sports Council.

    International athletes and athletes competing at National level need to apply for a TUE in advance. The TUE must be granted before the use of any banned substance or method. Only in an emergency or where there will be a severe impact on health should treatment begin without the necessary approval.

    Case Management

    From January 2015 the Irish Sports Council may prosecute the case of any ADRV’S if your NGB has signed an agreement with the Sports Council to do so.

    This formation is intended to be a brief overview of key aspects of the new 2015 WADA Code

     You should read the 2015 Irish Anti-Doping rules
     The Anti-Doping rules of your International federation if applicable