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European Masters Middle Distance Athletes of the Year - 2019

Anne Gilshinan and Joe Gough make it a clean sweep of European Masters Middle Distance Athletes of the Year - 2019.

This is how the Middle Distance award winners were listed (no other country featured!):

Middle Distance Anne Gilshinan (W50, IRL)​ Joe Gough (M65, IRL)

Huge congratulations to Anne Gilshinan (Slaney Olympic) and Joe Gough (West Waterford) for winning the above awards. Both Anne and Joe are shining examples of the depth of talent that is in Irish Masters Athletics at present (particularly at middle distance).

Anne set 3 World Records in W55 Category in 2019 in the 800m (2:19:63), the 1,500m (4:41:46) and the Mile (5:08:47). She holds at least 5 medals from World and European Track Championships (in 800m and 1,500m).

Joe is also no stranger to World Records currently holding the M65 800m Indoors record (2:16:65) and having held a no. of other World Records in the past. He also holds at least 26 medals from World and European Track Championships.

The awards will be presented at a ceremony at the European Championships in Braga, Portugal in March 2020.

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