British and Irish Masters’ International Cross-Country Selection Policy.

The British and Irish International Masters’ Cross Country comprises female and male teams from England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


Each country hosts the event on a five-year rotational basis, with England hosting this year and the Republic of Ireland hosting in November 2020. This year the race will take place at Southport, Merseyside on Saturday 16th November 2019, at Aintree Racecourse. 


 - The team hotel is the Scarisbrick which is some 250 metres from the centre of Southport. Athletes who are selected on teams will be advised further on how to book, etc by our International Secretary Pat O’Grady.



 - The trial race for selection of the teams that will compete this year will take place on Sunday 20th October 2019 as part of the Spar Open International Cross Country at the National Sports Campus, Abbottstown.


 - To enter the trial you must enter your respective men’s or women’s race via the Athletics Ireland online registration system. Go to the AAI website and under Competitions scroll to fixtures where you will find the link to online entry. Entries close on the 10th of October.


 - Each 5-year category from 35 upwards is catered for, with 70 being the final team event for women and 75 in respect of men.


 - Each female team consists of 4 members with the first 3 across the line in the trial being automatically  selected. The 4th member of the team is decided at the discretion of the Selectors.


 - Each male team from 35 to 50 inclusive consists of 6 members with the first 4 members across the line in the trial being automatically selected. The other 2 members are selected at the discretion of the selectors. Male teams from 55 up to 75 consist of 4 members with the first 3 across the line in the trial race being automatically selected. The 4th member of the team is selected at the discretion of the Selectors.


  - If you have a good reason for not being able to participate in the trial, you can notify the Selectors of your wish to be considered for selection. To do so, please email  setting out the reason why you cannot compete in the trial. 

In cases of claims for exemption from partaking in the trials the selectors reserve the right to request such documents or evidence to support the claim as the selectors deem appropriate.


You must also include your race results over the last two months, so the Selectors can weigh up your performances against those of the people who have run the trial. Athletes must submit any request in writing, with a deadline date of Wednesday the 16th of October. If there is more than 1 request for an age group, the Committee will advise the Athletes concerned, so they are fully aware & may have to revise their request. 

Notifying the selection committee of your availability is no guarantee to selection.



 - Athletes are also requested to inform the selection committee, in advance,  if they are changing age category between the trial race on the 20th of October and the International on the 16th of November, so that they can be considered for selection in the older age group. Email with the necessary details by Wednesday the 16th of October 2019.


 - The Selectors for this year are Pat O’ Grady, Ian Egan, Michael Fennell and George Maybury.


 - George Maybury and Michael Fennell will be the team managers.


 - To be eligible for selection an athlete must be registered with an athletics club which is affiliated to the Athletics Association of Ireland and must also be a registered member of the Irish Master Athletes Association.


 - The Selectors will meet immediately after the trial races to select the teams. 


 - You will receive notification as to your selection and other relevant information from our International Secretary Pat O’ Grady.


George Maybury

Treasurer IMAA